Undiscovered Black Makeup Artists


Despite the popularity of makeup within the Black/African-American community, searching for makeup ideas, makeup artists, or even just even a simple image of a black woman with makeup can be difficult to find. In fact, even searching for stock images of black women for this website over the last few months has been difficult!

It's clear that women of color are recognized far less than white women in the makeup industry when it comes to products, marketing, social media and more. This page isn't dedicated to taking away the "shine" of talented makeup artists who are non persons-of-color, but to the women of color who too often go unnoticed in the makeup community.


We may never see a complete match between African-American's monetary contributions to the beauty industry and African-American representativeness in the industry, but we can continue to help bridge the gap. This page takes us one step closer to that goal! Check out some of the beauties below, and for our dark-skinned ladies, take a look at these five beauty gurus to follow.

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The following database will be updated regularly.


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