25 Tips to Speed Up Your Makeup Routine


25 Tips to Speed Up Your Makeup Routine

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    Use a daily brush cleaner each night. Similar to starting makeup prep with a clean face, using clean brushes each morning can save you loads of time and mistakes. Product buildup can lead to spotty, or even "cakey" makeup.
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    Clean off ALL makeup the night before. This should be obvious, but applying makeup to a completely clean base in the morning, makes for easier application. Plus, it's better for your skin in the long run. If you're too lazy to wash your face with soap and water at night, try using makeup remover wipes or a Micellar cleansing solution that doesn't require rinsing. Your skin will thank you.
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    Blend it. Just because you've done your makeup in a hurry, doesn't mean your makeup has to look like it was done in a hurry. Invest in a beauty blender and make sure to blend all makeup on your face, moving downwards towards your neck. There's nothing worse than checking the mirror later in the day and noticing splotches on your face! Save yourself the embarrassment and pick up a few of these.
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    Color-correct. Have an annoying pimple or blemish, but don't have time for foundation? Opt for color-correcting as a quick cover-up.
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    White or nude eyeliner in waterline. This tip will instantly brighten up your eyes, and looks great on various skin tones.
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    Pinterest! Pinterest is a valuable resource for just about anything. If you don't have much time to watch videos on YouTube, search Pinterest for up to 15 minute makeup routines that may make your mornings easier.
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    Save the simpler products for last. Products like mascara or lip gloss are quick and easy to apply. When at home, apply your foundation and concealer. Once you get to work, apply your gloss, mascara, etc. This will save you time while having your 'base' ready before you leave the house.
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    Semi-permanent makeup. Microblading and lash extensions are two modern beauty methods that will undoubtedly speed up your daily makeup routine.
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    SOFT highlighting and contouring. Yes, soft. Use a color two shades deeper than your skin tone to contour your forehead, cheekbones, and sides of nose. Make sure to highlight underneath browbone, nose and cheeks. A subtle highlight and contour can give you the ultimate 'put-together' look, without appearing overdone.
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    Watch YouTube tutorials. There are plenty of 10-15 minute makeup tutorials out there for women that just don't always have time for a full face of Glam. Watch a few of these quick tutorials from your favorite beauty vloggers and choose a routine that works best for whatever daily look you're trying to achieve.
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    Nudes! When short on time, use more neutral makeup shades that will complement your skin tone. Bolder colors, such as lipsticks and eyeshadows are easy to notice if you make a mistake, and are harder to fix and clean up. If 'neutral' isn't really your thing, make sure to add highlighter to at least two areas of your face (cheekbones and underneath eyebrows, for example) to combat any dullness.
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    Use an under-eye illuminator. If short on time, this one step (plus moisturizer) can help you achieve an instantly brighter look.
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    If you MUST use eyeliner, skip the gel/liquid liners, and opt for a pencil instead. Not only is pencil easier to apply than gel, but easier to remove in case of mistakes.
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    Prime your makeup! Using a primer can help to even out skin tone, therefore reducing the amount of foundation and concealer you may need to cover blemishes. Some primers can even be worn alone!
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    Tinted everything. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are a no-fuss way to even out skin tone and hide the look of blemishes and imperfections. Tinted lip balms can add subtle color in one quick swipe.
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    Use long-lasting products. Makeup that stays put is far less of a hassle than makeup you'll have to continue to reapply throughout the day. Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation is known for this.
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    Keep a small makeup bag for all your necessities. This not only makes your most frequently used products more accessible, but a small bag can be carried in your purse to apply makeup on the go.
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    Focus on the eyes. What's the first thing people notice when they look at you? Your eyes, of course. A bit of mascara, pop of color on the lids, and nicely shaped brows can help to frame your face.
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    Try multi-use products. Some cheek colors may double as lip colors, some highlighters can be used on the eyelids, so on and so forth. If highlighting and contouring isn't a step you can skip in your daily makeup routine, try the NYX Wonder Stick which doubles as both.
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    Skip the eyeliner! If you're anything like me, applying eyeliner every morning is too much of a hassle. Instead, make sure your lashes are curled and brows are defined.
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    Take care of your skin. Following a night-time skin care routine can help reduce the amounts of spots and blemishes you'll feel the need to cover up in the morning.
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    Use creamy makeup products. This may not work for everyone (especially if you have oily skin), but creamy products are easy to blend and take less time to apply than powder products. Plus, you can use your fingers to blend rather than a makeup brush!
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    Just pick three. What are the top three makeup items that you wouldn't dare leave the house without? Try using ONLY these products for your daily makeup routine. For example, mascara, concealer, lipstick.
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    When there just isn't enough time for a full face of makeup, bold red lips can give you a pop of color and boost of confidence.
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    Use a colored brow mascara/gel on your brows, instead of fussing with pencils and definers. Using brow pencils will give you a more defined brow, but when in a rush, gels can add thickness and give you "stand-out" brows.

For ladies with busy schedules, it can be hard to dedicate a full 30 + minutes to apply makeup each morning. See this slideshow for 25 tips to help speed up your makeup routine.

Of course, these tips can't all be used simultaneously. Pick and choose which ones are most convenient for your schedule and suit your typical makeup routine habits. Can't skip highlighting and contouring although it takes up a good portion of your morning?  Find ways to cut your H+C time in half and save yourself the stress. Comment below and let us know which tips are most do-able for you! 

Want to take our advice and use Youtube or Pinterest for quick makeup tutorials/routines? 

Any multi-use makeup products you'd like to recommend?