13 Makeup Trends That Need to Die Before 2018 + More!

13 Makeup Trends that Need to Die Before 2018 + More! 

2018 is days away, and the beauty community has completely had it with quite a few over-the-top makeup trends! Since so many of you shared your concerns with several other types of annoying trends in 2017, we will also discuss some Instagram and fashion fads that we wouldn’t hate to see disappear. Even beauty gurus with millions of subscribers and followers on social media, are guilty of many of these ‘trends’. Continue scrolling to see the list!


Unnecessary Clickbait 

13 Makeup Trends that need to die before 2018 - clickbait

Image source: Pixabay

Patricia Bright gave a brief rant about this on her YouTube channel. 2017 was the year of beauty tubers using clickbait that included knives, fire, and other dangerous methods to get our attention and watch their videos. Pretty sure we’ve even seen a beauty tuber attempt knife-swallowing in her video preview on Instagram. This probably shouldn’t continue after the new year.


Ombré Lips 

13 Makeup Trends that Need to Die before 2018 - Ombre lips

Image Source: Jumia.com

Ombré lips may look pretty on Instagram, but in real life, no one wears lipstick like this. Too-dark liner for your lips was a trend in the 90s. Let’s leave it there. Want to prove us wrong about the ombre lip? Share a photo with us here.


24/7 Athleisure 

13 Makeup Trends that Need to die before 2018 - Athleisure

Image Source: Pinterest

Just because the term athleisure is now in the dictionary, doesn’t mean that we have to wear it 24/7. Some of us are all about sweatpants and comfy outfits, but if 80 percent of your wardrobe consists of athletic wear (and you’re not a fitness enthusiast), maybe you should rethink this. Celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner, are totally guilty of this.


Wasting Product 

13 Makeup Trends that Need to die before 2018 - Facial Oils

Image source: Tarte Cosmetics

Facial oils became very popular in 2017, with most of them advertised to help bring out that ‘inner highlight’. However, we’ve seen plenty of YouTubers apply these oils in excess, wasting so much product! Some facial oils are known to have amazing benefits, but are not cheap! For ladies with oily skin, check out this Clarins Lotus Face Treatment. This formula, when used at night, helps to moisturize AND keep your face shine-free for most of the next day. Use sparingly!


KiraKira App 

13 Makeup Trends that need to die before 2018 - kirakira

Image source: YouTube 

The Kira Kira sparkle app, which you’ve probably seen on Instagram, is just a bit much. Blinding sparkles on your photos are totally unnatural and unnecessary. What else is there to say?


Clear Plastic Shoes 

13 Makeup trends that need to die before 2018 - plastic boots

Image Source: Pinterest

I think most of us would agree that it’s time to move on from the clear plastic shoe trend. Not only are they unsightly (depending on the designer), but they aren’t comfortable to walk in, and generate ‘foot sweat’. Ew.


Over-the-Top Nail Art 

13 Makeup Trends that need to die before 2018 - nail art

Image source: Pinterest

As a woman, getting your nails done can add an extra sense of being put-together, and even professionalism. Having freshly manicured nails may give you a boost of confidence, and may even compliment your outfit at times. The pic shown above, however, can be fun to admire as art, but shouldn’t be worn while out and about.


Creepy Colored Contacts 

13 Makeup Trends that need to die before 2018 - Colored Contacts

Image source: Pixabay

Unless you’re into SFX makeup (or it’s Halloween), please ditch the creepy-colored contacts! For beauty gurus, it takes the attention off of your makeup look. Colored contacts can be fun to wear, but should resemble realistic, human-like eye colors.


All-Over-the-Face Concealer 

13 Makeup Trends that Need to die before 2018 - Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Image source: Tarte Cosmetics

The best spot to apply concealer is underneath the eyes for a brighter look, in a triangle-like shape. But, we’ve seen far too many YouTubers apply concealer over the entire face. For dark-skinned women, it makes your skin tone appear lighter, which isn’t necessary! Use concealer to CONCEAL, and not as a foundation. The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, pictured above, is a long-lasting, creamy concealer that you’ve probably heard your favorite beauty vloggers and bloggers rave about. Leave a review here if you’ve tried it.


Fake Freckles 

13 Makeup Trends that need to die before 2018 - fake freckles

Image source: James Charles via YouTube

There isn’t much to say about this one. Let’s ditch this.


Crazy Thick Brows

13 Makeup Trends that need to die in 2018 - thick brows

Image source: Pinterest

We can all agree that super thin eyebrows have been out of style for years now. But, on the other end of the spectrum, we have brows that appear uncharacteristically thick for any human being, and clearly look fake. Try to avoid using the color black to fill in your brows, and use gentle strokes when doing so. When doing your eyebrows, think about the natural shape of your brows rather than forcing sharp lines and a triangle-shaped arch. You may be happy with the way your brows look on camera, but for the rest of us, it’s  ALL that we see.


Wispy Spider Lashes

13 Makeup Trends that need to die in 2018 - Wispy spider lashes

Image source: Pixabay

This has to be one of the top complaints that I’ve seen from makeup lovers in the last month. Once you get into the habit of wearing lashes, it can be hard to stop. But continuing to wear your falsies isn’t the problem. It’s the wispy, spidery, and unnatural-looking false lashes that have got to stay put in 2017.


Excessive Highlight

13 Makeup trends that need to go away before 2018 - excess highlight

Image source: Poetic Drugs via Instagram

Note the term excessive on this one. Highlighting and contouring has become more popular over the last couple years, with a heavier emphasis on highlighting more recently. With the release of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line in 2017, we’ve seen makeup lovers everywhere generously paint their cheekbones with the golden-toned Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife, and have been slightly obsessed ourselves! However, the trend has been overdone, and most of us no longer want to see overly-highlighted nose tips, cupid’s bows, OR cheekbones.


Which of these trends do you think will actually last through 2018? Which will be hardest for you to personally let go of? Comment below!