Makeup Look of the Week

Makeup Look of the Week.

At Makeup Mosaic, we like to recognize makeup enthusiasts for talent and creativity. As a result, we stay on the lookout for gorgeous beauty looks on social media. Thankfully, sites like Twitter and Instagram give us all access to a variety of makeup styles from lovely ladies and gentlemen all over the world. From over-the-top highlight to "barely there" looks, Makeup Mosaic knows that there is no one definition of beauty. Makeup is not only fun to experiment with, as our features show, but can be part of a daily lifestyle. How many of us refuse to leave the house without at least some mascara and gloss?

Browsing photos of various men and women in a full face can give us inspiration to experiment on our own and create new looks. Even more importantly, others may give you the inspiration and confidence to try something you never thought you'd be capable of! This is why we've created the Makeup Look of the week feature - just for you. If you see something you love, then leave a shout out in the comments section! We love to hear from beautiful people just like you.

See the latest Makeup Look of the Week feature below.

If you would like to submit a photo to be featured as Makeup Look of the Week, then Click here.

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