13 Makeup Trends That Need to Die Before 2018 + More!

13 Makeup Trends that Need to Die Before 2018 + More! 

2018 is days away, and the beauty community has completely had it with quite a few over-the-top makeup trends! Since so many of you shared your concerns with several other types of annoying trends in 2017, we will also discuss some Instagram and fashion fads that we wouldn’t hate to see disappear. Even beauty gurus with millions of subscribers and followers on social media, are guilty of many of these ‘trends’. Continue scrolling to see the list!


Unnecessary Clickbait 

13 Makeup Trends that need to die before 2018 - clickbait

Image source: Pixabay

Patricia Bright gave a brief rant about this on her YouTube channel. 2017 was the year of beauty tubers using clickbait that included knives, fire, and other dangerous methods to get our attention and watch their videos. Pretty sure we’ve even seen a beauty tuber attempt knife-swallowing in her video preview on Instagram. This probably shouldn’t continue after the new year.


Ombré Lips 

13 Makeup Trends that Need to Die before 2018 - Ombre lips

Image Source: Jumia.com

Ombré lips may look pretty on Instagram, but in real life, no one wears lipstick like this. Too-dark liner for your lips was a trend in the 90s. Let’s leave it there. Want to prove us wrong about the ombre lip? Share a photo with us here.


24/7 Athleisure 

13 Makeup Trends that Need to die before 2018 - Athleisure

Image Source: Pinterest

Just because the term athleisure is now in the dictionary, doesn’t mean that we have to wear it 24/7. Some of us are all about sweatpants and comfy outfits, but if 80 percent of your wardrobe consists of athletic wear (and you’re not a fitness enthusiast), maybe you should rethink this. Celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner, are totally guilty of this.


Wasting Product 

13 Makeup Trends that Need to die before 2018 - Facial Oils

Image source: Tarte Cosmetics

Facial oils became very popular in 2017, with most of them advertised to help bring out that ‘inner highlight’. However, we’ve seen plenty of YouTubers apply these oils in excess, wasting so much product! Some facial oils are known to have amazing benefits, but are not cheap! For ladies with oily skin, check out this Clarins Lotus Face Treatment. This formula, when used at night, helps to moisturize AND keep your face shine-free for most of the next day. Use sparingly!


KiraKira App 

13 Makeup Trends that need to die before 2018 - kirakira

Image source: YouTube 

The Kira Kira sparkle app, which you’ve probably seen on Instagram, is just a bit much. Blinding sparkles on your photos are totally unnatural and unnecessary. What else is there to say?


Clear Plastic Shoes 

13 Makeup trends that need to die before 2018 - plastic boots

Image Source: Pinterest

I think most of us would agree that it’s time to move on from the clear plastic shoe trend. Not only are they unsightly (depending on the designer), but they aren’t comfortable to walk in, and generate ‘foot sweat’. Ew.


Over-the-Top Nail Art 

13 Makeup Trends that need to die before 2018 - nail art

Image source: Pinterest

As a woman, getting your nails done can add an extra sense of being put-together, and even professionalism. Having freshly manicured nails may give you a boost of confidence, and may even compliment your outfit at times. The pic shown above, however, can be fun to admire as art, but shouldn’t be worn while out and about.


Creepy Colored Contacts 

13 Makeup Trends that need to die before 2018 - Colored Contacts

Image source: Pixabay

Unless you’re into SFX makeup (or it’s Halloween), please ditch the creepy-colored contacts! For beauty gurus, it takes the attention off of your makeup look. Colored contacts can be fun to wear, but should resemble realistic, human-like eye colors.


All-Over-the-Face Concealer 

13 Makeup Trends that Need to die before 2018 - Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Image source: Tarte Cosmetics

The best spot to apply concealer is underneath the eyes for a brighter look, in a triangle-like shape. But, we’ve seen far too many YouTubers apply concealer over the entire face. For dark-skinned women, it makes your skin tone appear lighter, which isn’t necessary! Use concealer to CONCEAL, and not as a foundation. The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, pictured above, is a long-lasting, creamy concealer that you’ve probably heard your favorite beauty vloggers and bloggers rave about. Leave a review here if you’ve tried it.


Fake Freckles 

13 Makeup Trends that need to die before 2018 - fake freckles

Image source: James Charles via YouTube

There isn’t much to say about this one. Let’s ditch this.


Crazy Thick Brows

13 Makeup Trends that need to die in 2018 - thick brows

Image source: Pinterest

We can all agree that super thin eyebrows have been out of style for years now. But, on the other end of the spectrum, we have brows that appear uncharacteristically thick for any human being, and clearly look fake. Try to avoid using the color black to fill in your brows, and use gentle strokes when doing so. When doing your eyebrows, think about the natural shape of your brows rather than forcing sharp lines and a triangle-shaped arch. You may be happy with the way your brows look on camera, but for the rest of us, it’s  ALL that we see.


Wispy Spider Lashes

13 Makeup Trends that need to die in 2018 - Wispy spider lashes

Image source: Pixabay

This has to be one of the top complaints that I’ve seen from makeup lovers in the last month. Once you get into the habit of wearing lashes, it can be hard to stop. But continuing to wear your falsies isn’t the problem. It’s the wispy, spidery, and unnatural-looking false lashes that have got to stay put in 2017.


Excessive Highlight

13 Makeup trends that need to go away before 2018 - excess highlight

Image source: Poetic Drugs via Instagram

Note the term excessive on this one. Highlighting and contouring has become more popular over the last couple years, with a heavier emphasis on highlighting more recently. With the release of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line in 2017, we’ve seen makeup lovers everywhere generously paint their cheekbones with the golden-toned Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife, and have been slightly obsessed ourselves! However, the trend has been overdone, and most of us no longer want to see overly-highlighted nose tips, cupid’s bows, OR cheekbones.


Which of these trends do you think will actually last through 2018? Which will be hardest for you to personally let go of? Comment below!

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint on 21 Skin Tones

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint on 21 Skin Tones

Rihanna recently released the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in ‘Uncensored’ and we are loving it! Fenty Beauty continues to show us that makeup is for people of all shades. With the new release, we get a lightweight, non-drying, longwear lipstick formula with amazing color payoff. We have yet to find someone who wasn’t able to rock the FB Stunna Lip Paint, and don’t think that we will. The lipstick can be found here at Sephora.com

Keep scrolling to see photos of the gorgeous red lippie on 21 different skin tones. Leave your thoughts on the longwear lipstick in the comments below.

Leave your review for this product and more here.

sephora - Fenty Beauty Stunna Red Lip Paint
ClaudiaNitaYT - Fenty Beauty Stunna Red Lip Paint
Youtube: Claudia Nita
RonkerajiYT - Fenty Beauty Stunna
Youtube: Ronkeraji
dupethatYT - Fenty Beauty Stunna Red Lip Paint
Youtube: dupethat
FabcocoBerryYT - Fenty Beauty Stunna Red Lip Paint
Youtube: Fabcoco Berry
AhliyahMichelleYT - Fenty Beauty Stunna Red Lip Paint
Youtube: Ahliyah Michelle
gorgeousingrey.com - Fenty Beauty Stunna
slaybyishaINSTA - Fenty Beauty Stunna Red Lip Paint
Instagram: slaybyisha
KathrynReneeINSTA - Fenty Beauty Stunna Red Lip Paint
Instagram: KathrynRenee
kathleenlightsYT - Fenty Beauty Stunna
Youtube: Kathleen Lights
aaziyashafi.com - Fenty Beauty Stunna Red Lip Paint
MannyMua - Fenty Beauty Stunna Red Lip Paint
Youtube: MannyMua
rowi-singhSOCIALIX - Fenty Beauty Stunna
Socialix: Rowi-Singh
NiaHopeYT - Fenty Beauty Stunna
Youtube: Nia Hope
jennydo_INSTA - Fenty Beauty
Instagram: jennydo_
AmandaZYT - Fenty Beauty Stunna
Youtube: AmandaZ
ShannanKoonerYT - Fenty Beauty Stunna
Youtube: Shannan Kooner
IDesign8YT - Fenty Beauty Stunna
Youtube: IDesign8
lyglam.com - Fenty Beauty Stunna
JovinePrinceYT - Fenty Beauty Stunna
Youtube: Jovine Prince
deepicam.com - Fenty Beauty Stunna

We'd love to see your photos!

Share your 'Stunna' pics at our gallery.

25 Tips to Speed Up Your Makeup Routine


25 Tips to Speed Up Your Makeup Routine

  • 1.
    Use a daily brush cleaner each night. Similar to starting makeup prep with a clean face, using clean brushes each morning can save you loads of time and mistakes. Product buildup can lead to spotty, or even "cakey" makeup.
  • 2.
    Clean off ALL makeup the night before. This should be obvious, but applying makeup to a completely clean base in the morning, makes for easier application. Plus, it's better for your skin in the long run. If you're too lazy to wash your face with soap and water at night, try using makeup remover wipes or a Micellar cleansing solution that doesn't require rinsing. Your skin will thank you.
  • 3.
    Blend it. Just because you've done your makeup in a hurry, doesn't mean your makeup has to look like it was done in a hurry. Invest in a beauty blender and make sure to blend all makeup on your face, moving downwards towards your neck. There's nothing worse than checking the mirror later in the day and noticing splotches on your face! Save yourself the embarrassment and pick up a few of these.
  • 4.
    Color-correct. Have an annoying pimple or blemish, but don't have time for foundation? Opt for color-correcting as a quick cover-up.
  • 5.
    White or nude eyeliner in waterline. This tip will instantly brighten up your eyes, and looks great on various skin tones.
  • 6.
    Pinterest! Pinterest is a valuable resource for just about anything. If you don't have much time to watch videos on YouTube, search Pinterest for up to 15 minute makeup routines that may make your mornings easier.
  • 7.
    Save the simpler products for last. Products like mascara or lip gloss are quick and easy to apply. When at home, apply your foundation and concealer. Once you get to work, apply your gloss, mascara, etc. This will save you time while having your 'base' ready before you leave the house.
  • 8.
    Semi-permanent makeup. Microblading and lash extensions are two modern beauty methods that will undoubtedly speed up your daily makeup routine.
  • 9.
    SOFT highlighting and contouring. Yes, soft. Use a color two shades deeper than your skin tone to contour your forehead, cheekbones, and sides of nose. Make sure to highlight underneath browbone, nose and cheeks. A subtle highlight and contour can give you the ultimate 'put-together' look, without appearing overdone.
  • 10.
    Watch YouTube tutorials. There are plenty of 10-15 minute makeup tutorials out there for women that just don't always have time for a full face of Glam. Watch a few of these quick tutorials from your favorite beauty vloggers and choose a routine that works best for whatever daily look you're trying to achieve.
  •  11.
    Nudes! When short on time, use more neutral makeup shades that will complement your skin tone. Bolder colors, such as lipsticks and eyeshadows are easy to notice if you make a mistake, and are harder to fix and clean up. If 'neutral' isn't really your thing, make sure to add highlighter to at least two areas of your face (cheekbones and underneath eyebrows, for example) to combat any dullness.
  • 12.
    Use an under-eye illuminator. If short on time, this one step (plus moisturizer) can help you achieve an instantly brighter look.
  • 13.
    If you MUST use eyeliner, skip the gel/liquid liners, and opt for a pencil instead. Not only is pencil easier to apply than gel, but easier to remove in case of mistakes.
  • 14.
    Prime your makeup! Using a primer can help to even out skin tone, therefore reducing the amount of foundation and concealer you may need to cover blemishes. Some primers can even be worn alone!
  • 15.
    Tinted everything. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are a no-fuss way to even out skin tone and hide the look of blemishes and imperfections. Tinted lip balms can add subtle color in one quick swipe.
  • 16.
    Use long-lasting products. Makeup that stays put is far less of a hassle than makeup you'll have to continue to reapply throughout the day. Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation is known for this.
  • 17.
    Keep a small makeup bag for all your necessities. This not only makes your most frequently used products more accessible, but a small bag can be carried in your purse to apply makeup on the go.
  • 18.
    Focus on the eyes. What's the first thing people notice when they look at you? Your eyes, of course. A bit of mascara, pop of color on the lids, and nicely shaped brows can help to frame your face.
  • 19.
    Try multi-use products. Some cheek colors may double as lip colors, some highlighters can be used on the eyelids, so on and so forth. If highlighting and contouring isn't a step you can skip in your daily makeup routine, try the NYX Wonder Stick which doubles as both.
  • 20.
    Skip the eyeliner! If you're anything like me, applying eyeliner every morning is too much of a hassle. Instead, make sure your lashes are curled and brows are defined.
  • 21.
    Take care of your skin. Following a night-time skin care routine can help reduce the amounts of spots and blemishes you'll feel the need to cover up in the morning.
  • 22.
    Use creamy makeup products. This may not work for everyone (especially if you have oily skin), but creamy products are easy to blend and take less time to apply than powder products. Plus, you can use your fingers to blend rather than a makeup brush!
  • 23.
    Just pick three. What are the top three makeup items that you wouldn't dare leave the house without? Try using ONLY these products for your daily makeup routine. For example, mascara, concealer, lipstick.
  • 24.
    When there just isn't enough time for a full face of makeup, bold red lips can give you a pop of color and boost of confidence.
  • 25.
    Use a colored brow mascara/gel on your brows, instead of fussing with pencils and definers. Using brow pencils will give you a more defined brow, but when in a rush, gels can add thickness and give you "stand-out" brows.

For ladies with busy schedules, it can be hard to dedicate a full 30 + minutes to apply makeup each morning. See this slideshow for 25 tips to help speed up your makeup routine.

Of course, these tips can't all be used simultaneously. Pick and choose which ones are most convenient for your schedule and suit your typical makeup routine habits. Can't skip highlighting and contouring although it takes up a good portion of your morning?  Find ways to cut your H+C time in half and save yourself the stress. Comment below and let us know which tips are most do-able for you! 

Want to take our advice and use Youtube or Pinterest for quick makeup tutorials/routines? 

Any multi-use makeup products you'd like to recommend? 


15 Creative Halloween Makeup Transformations


15 Creative Halloween Makeup Transformations

  • 1.
    Mrs. Rabbit. Credit: jessipalomaresmua via Instagram
  • 2.
    Obviously, the Queen Bee. Credit: emilykrahl via Twitter
  • 3.
    A bloodthirsty zombie from outer space. Credit: getbig_likebev via Instagram
  • 4.
    The most 'beat' skull I've ever encountered. Credit: princess.style.ltl via Instagram
  • 5.
    For the Korean comic lovers. Credit: Lucie_mrsmagic via Twitter
  • 6.
    Not your average alien. Credit: cloudgalmakeup via Instagram
  • 7.
    An intricate floral skill. Credit: ellie35x via Instagram
  • 8.
    Everyone's favorite clown. Credit: Megan94__ via Twitter
  • 9.
    A creepy, but sexy scarecrow. Credit: sonjdradeluxe via Instagram
  • 10.
    AHS: Hotel. Credit: serenabina via Instagram
  • 11.
    A gorgeous skull bride. Credit: livlaps via Instagram
  • 12.
    Glamorous jewel-encrusted skull. Credit: Nicole Guerriero via Youtube
  • 13.
    A candy corn-inspired clown. Credit: venomtoyaveins via Twitter
  • 14.
    A bit of Nightmare Before Christmas inspiration. Credit: tauna_darling via Instagram
  • 15.
    Sexy devil with a black heart. Credit: venomtoyaveins via Twitter

Let's be honest, Halloween is every makeup lover's favorite holiday. Not only do we get to assume our favorite personas for a day, but we can finally use up all the old makeup that's been collecting dust on our vanities. And, of course, Halloween gives us another reason to buy even more makeup. Not that we need another reason to buy makeup.

Above all, Halloween sheds light on how talented our fellow makeup artists and enthusiasts are. A well thought-out halloween makeup look takes plenty of time and effort, so why not showcase your skills? 

Since October is already here, see photos above for the Halloween inspiration you've been looking for. To share reviews of the best products you've found for creating halloween looks, click here. And, if you end up trying some of these super fun (or scary) looks, let us know in the comments! 


8 Makeup Trends for Fall

What 8 makeup trends for fall should you follow this year? 

Staples of fall? Cooler weather, pumpkin spice, leaves changing colors, smokey eyes and deep lips.

1. Dark Lips

8 Makeup Trends for Fall - Lily Collins

Image source: Mike Windle/Getty Images

Lily Collins gets it. Time to trade out the brighter pinks and oranges of summertime, for deep berry and wine-colored lippies. If you can't neglect your summer lipsticks this fall, or like to switch things up every once in a while, see our latest post for bright lippies suitable for your skin tone.


2. Bold Eyebrows 

8 Makeup Trends for Fall - Cara Delevigne

Image Source: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can never go wrong with bold brows, no matter the season. Try the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil to easily fill-in and define your eyebrows.


3. Rosy Cheeks

8 Makeup Trends for Fall - MakeupShayla

Image Source: MakeupShayla via Instagram 

Blush is never something you want to overdo, but also shouldn't be ignored. Ladies with dark skin should try using deeper reds on the cheeks, like the Morello Cherry blush from Makeup Forever


4. Smoky Eyeshadow 

8 Makeup Trends for Fall - GisselaMolinaMakeup

Image source: GisselaMolinaMakeup via Instagram 

There's something about fall that just screams smoky eyes! Try smudging your eyeshadow for a more intensified look on the lids. E.l.f. Cosmetics has the perfect smudge brush to help you create this look. 


5. Highlighter 

8 Makeup Trends for Fall - Jaclyn Hill

Image source: Jaclyn Hill via Instagram 

When it comes to highlighter, anything goes! Add some highlighter to the upper portion of your cheekbones to keep your 'glow' through the cooler months. We know you're probably obsessed with the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife


6. Hydrating Foundation 

8 Makeup Trends for Fall - Kathleen Lights

Image Source: Kathleen Lights via Youtube

Cooler weather can be a nightmare for women with dry skin. Opt for a foundation with a non-matte, or dewy finish, like the Smashbox Studio Skin foundation to help you maintain that inner glow. You can also set your look with the Milani Make it Dewy setting spray


7. Dramatic Eyeliner 

8 Makeup Trends for Fall - Laura Leth

Image source: Laura Leth via Youtube

Pairing bold winged eyeliner with a smokey eye is the key to a gorgeous face during the fall season. The Master Precise Ink Metallic Liquid Eyeliner from Maybelline is a new fave when it comes to liquid liner, especially since it comes in seven different shades! 


8. Lashes

8 Makeup Trends for Fall - Makeupd0ll

Image source: Makeupd0ll via Instagram

For fall, lashes are a necessity. For any season, lashes are a necessity. Whether you use mascara on your natural lashes, or apply falsies religiously like Makeupd0ll on Youtube, sexy lashes will always give you a photo-ready look. 


What are your beauty staples for fall? Comment below! 

Summer Lipstick Shades

What's Your Perfect Summer Lipstick Shade? 

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bolder, brighter lip colors. However, if done incorrectly, you can throw off your entire look with the wrong shade of lipstick! Choosing a suitable shade depends on your skin tone (fair, medium, deep) and undertones (cooler vs. warmer).

Looking at the inside of your wrists, if you have green veins, you likely have warm undertones, and blue veins represent cooler undertones. If it's hard to decide whether your veins are more blue or more green, you likely have neutral undertones. With neutral undertones, you can wear shades that would suit either warm OR cool undertones, giving you so many more options! 

You should also consider what type of lipstick finish you like best, such as matte, or satin. And, for darker skin tones, it's best to choose lipsticks that have higher pigmentation as these will stand out more. Below, we've compiled a list of suitable lipstick shades for various skin tones that work year-round, but particularly in the summer time! 

Fair Skin
Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - Fair Skin

Image Source: Popsugar

Generally, rich reds, corals, and peachy lipsticks will work for ladies with fair skin tones.

Best color for cool undertones: True reds, such as Dior's Rouge Dior Lipstick in 'Red', or 'Perfect Red' from NYX Cosmetics. The Rouge Dior Lipsticks come in both matte and satin finishes.

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - Dior Rouge

Red, $35.00 (Sephora)

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - NYX True Red Matte Lipstick

Perfect Red, $4.49 (Target)

Best color for warm undertones: True oranges, like NARS Audacious Lipstick in the shade 'Geraldine' or e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick in 'Orange Dream'.

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - NARS

Geraldine, $34.00 (Sephora)Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones -  e.l.f.
Orange Dream, $3.00 (e.l.f. Cosmetics)

Medium Skin

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - Medium Skin

Image Source: Popsugar

Women with medium skin tones will look best in blue-reds, pinks, and corals.

Best color for cool undertones: Light pinks, like M.A.C.'s Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in 'Divine Divine' are gorgeous on medium skin tones. If you're looking for a drugstore option, Milani's Color Statement Lipstick in 'Pretty Natural' may also work for you.

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - M.A.C.

Divine, Divine, $21.00 (M.A.C. Cosmetics)

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - Milani

Pretty Natural, $4.29 (Target)

Best color for warm undertones: Orange-reds will look great on medium-toned women with yellow or golden undertones. Try Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in 'Tesoro', or NYX's Butter Lipstick in 'Fireball'. 

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - StilaTesoro, $24.00 (Sephora)

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - NYX FireballFireball, $5.99 (Ulta)

Dark Skin

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - Dark Skin

Image Source: WENN

Ladies with darker skin tones can opt for berries, fuchsias, reds, and oranges as their summer shades. Although some say women with dark-skinned shouldn't wear brightly colored lip shades, experimenting with different shades can give you a less-muted look, as deeper shades don't stand out as much on dark skin. 

Best color for cool undertones: Brighter reds with blue undertones will pop on dark-skinned women with cooler undertones. For example, check out Bite Beauty's Lush Lip Tint in 'Cherry'. For makeup lovers on a budget, try Maybelline's Color Sensational Vivids in 'On Fire' to make a bold statement this summer. 

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - Bite Beauty

Cherry, $24.00 (Sephora)

Summer Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones - Maybelline On Fire

On Fire, $5.50 (Walmart)

Best color for warm undertones: Orange. Yes, orange can work on dark skin, particularly orange-red! Dark-skinned ladies looking for a pop of color in the summertime can try Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstick in 'Countess' or M.A.C.'s 'Morange'. 

Summer LIpstick Shades for All Skin Tones - Kat Von D

Countess, $21.00 (Sephora)
Summer LIpstick Shades for All Skin Tones - MAC Morange Morange, $17.00 (M.A.C. Cosmetics)  

If you're excited to start experimenting with bolder shades for your skin tone, just go for it! If the brighter shades make you a bit nervous, always consider YouTube as a resource for seeing what certain colors actually look like on skin tones similar to yours. There's nothing wrong with stepping outside of your comfort zone every once in a while, so have fun! 


See more beauty posts here!


Dark-Skinned Beauty Gurus You Need to Follow

Who to Follow...

With the overwhelming amount of beauty gurus on YouTube these days, it's a surprise that some of us ladies still get left out! Beauty gurus with very dark skin tones typically haven't met that 1 million follower mark (except for a select few). And googling 'dark-skinned makeup tutorials' doesn't always give us videos where the vlogger is actually dark-skinned.

Considering the talent, social presence, and charisma of these five ladies, we feel they deserve to go well beyond a million subscribers. This is not an exhaustive list of all dark-skinned beauty vloggers on YouTube. This is a post dedicated to a few ladies that really stand out, yet don't seem to get the exposure on YouTube that they deserve! Keep reading to see the list of lovely ladies.

*The following list is not in ranking order* 

1. theycallme_mo

theycallme_mo beauty vlogger

YouTube Subscribers: 27K

Mo has an amazing voice that you could listen to all day, and beautiful, glowing, dark skin with warm undertones. Mo gives us a great example of how women with dark skin can accentuate their beauty without compromising their natural skin tone. She also provides thorough, honest, and unbiased reviews of beauty products. Oh yeah, and did I mention her skin glows? Like all the time. Mo also has her own blog @ www.beautybymo.com.


2. Layefa Beauty

Layefa - Dark Skinned Beauty Gurus

YouTube Subscribers: 6K

This Nigerian-based makeup artist is gorgeous and is a total sweetheart! Something striking about this beauty vlogger/MUA is that she proudly wears her tribal marks, instead of attempting to cover them up! Layefa exudes beauty through her confidence, humility, and ability to stay true to herself. Layefa doesn't have a major following on YouTube, but we're sure that will change soon enough!


3. JustBrittanyH

JustBrittanyH - Dark Skinned Beauty Gurus

YouTube Subscribers: 84K

Okay, so JustBrittanyH has a significant amount of followers on YouTube, but after watching this beauty vlogger for over a year now we could not resist! Brittany sees makeup for what it truly is, artistry, and has a lot of fun with it! This is the girl you should go to for super fun eyeshadow looks with intense pops of color. Brittany also has a great sense of humor that you may just fall in love with.


4. Glowprincesss

Glowprincess - Dark Skinned Beauty Gurus

YouTube Subscribers: 10K

This gorgeous beauty vlogger's videos will certainly keep you entertained! If you're doing makeup to go out for the night, Glowprincesss will totally get you hyped. Her energetic and funny personality makes watching her videos so much more interesting. She also takes time to discuss issues within her personal life, which reminds us that bloggers/vloggers are real people too.


5. TheMindCatcher

TheMindCatcher - Dark Skinned Beauty Gurus

YouTube Subscribers: 42K

There is something extremely likable about this up-and-coming beauty blogger! This classy lady has a gorgeous smile and gives off all positive vibes. She also has a YouTube channel where she vlogs about life with her husband and beautiful children. And for Naturalistas, she does natural hair product reviews - something we could all use! Gorgeous makeup + natural hair = perfect match. TheMindCatcher is absolutely on her way to even more success.


We wish these women nothing but continued success, and hope to see more of them in the future! If there are any new dark-skinned beauty vloggers that you feel deserve more exposure, leave us a comment!