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With the overwhelming amount of beauty gurus on YouTube these days, it's a surprise that some of us ladies still get left out! Beauty gurus with very dark skin tones typically haven't met that 1 million follower mark (except for a select few). And googling 'dark-skinned makeup tutorials' doesn't always give us videos where the vlogger is actually dark-skinned.

Considering the talent, social presence, and charisma of these five ladies, we feel they deserve to go well beyond a million subscribers. This is not an exhaustive list of all dark-skinned beauty vloggers on YouTube. This is a post dedicated to a few ladies that really stand out, yet don't seem to get the exposure on YouTube that they deserve! Keep reading to see the list of lovely ladies.

*The following list is not in ranking order* 

1. theycallme_mo

theycallme_mo beauty vlogger

YouTube Subscribers: 27K

Mo has an amazing voice that you could listen to all day, and beautiful, glowing, dark skin with warm undertones. Mo gives us a great example of how women with dark skin can accentuate their beauty without compromising their natural skin tone. She also provides thorough, honest, and unbiased reviews of beauty products. Oh yeah, and did I mention her skin glows? Like all the time. Mo also has her own blog @ www.beautybymo.com.


2. Layefa Beauty

Layefa - Dark Skinned Beauty Gurus

YouTube Subscribers: 6K

This Nigerian-based makeup artist is gorgeous and is a total sweetheart! Something striking about this beauty vlogger/MUA is that she proudly wears her tribal marks, instead of attempting to cover them up! Layefa exudes beauty through her confidence, humility, and ability to stay true to herself. Layefa doesn't have a major following on YouTube, but we're sure that will change soon enough!


3. JustBrittanyH

JustBrittanyH - Dark Skinned Beauty Gurus

YouTube Subscribers: 84K

Okay, so JustBrittanyH has a significant amount of followers on YouTube, but after watching this beauty vlogger for over a year now we could not resist! Brittany sees makeup for what it truly is, artistry, and has a lot of fun with it! This is the girl you should go to for super fun eyeshadow looks with intense pops of color. Brittany also has a great sense of humor that you may just fall in love with.


4. Glowprincesss

Glowprincess - Dark Skinned Beauty Gurus

YouTube Subscribers: 10K

This gorgeous beauty vlogger's videos will certainly keep you entertained! If you're doing makeup to go out for the night, Glowprincesss will totally get you hyped. Her energetic and funny personality makes watching her videos so much more interesting. She also takes time to discuss issues within her personal life, which reminds us that bloggers/vloggers are real people too.


5. TheMindCatcher

TheMindCatcher - Dark Skinned Beauty Gurus

YouTube Subscribers: 42K

There is something extremely likable about this up-and-coming beauty blogger! This classy lady has a gorgeous smile and gives off all positive vibes. She also has a YouTube channel where she vlogs about life with her husband and beautiful children. And for Naturalistas, she does natural hair product reviews - something we could all use! Gorgeous makeup + natural hair = perfect match. TheMindCatcher is absolutely on her way to even more success.


We wish these women nothing but continued success, and hope to see more of them in the future! If there are any new dark-skinned beauty vloggers that you feel deserve more exposure, leave us a comment!


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