15 Creative Halloween Makeup Transformations


15 Creative Halloween Makeup Transformations

  • 1.
    Mrs. Rabbit. Credit: jessipalomaresmua via Instagram
  • 2.
    Obviously, the Queen Bee. Credit: emilykrahl via Twitter
  • 3.
    A bloodthirsty zombie from outer space. Credit: getbig_likebev via Instagram
  • 4.
    The most 'beat' skull I've ever encountered. Credit: princess.style.ltl via Instagram
  • 5.
    For the Korean comic lovers. Credit: Lucie_mrsmagic via Twitter
  • 6.
    Not your average alien. Credit: cloudgalmakeup via Instagram
  • 7.
    An intricate floral skill. Credit: ellie35x via Instagram
  • 8.
    Everyone's favorite clown. Credit: Megan94__ via Twitter
  • 9.
    A creepy, but sexy scarecrow. Credit: sonjdradeluxe via Instagram
  • 10.
    AHS: Hotel. Credit: serenabina via Instagram
  • 11.
    A gorgeous skull bride. Credit: livlaps via Instagram
  • 12.
    Glamorous jewel-encrusted skull. Credit: Nicole Guerriero via Youtube
  • 13.
    A candy corn-inspired clown. Credit: venomtoyaveins via Twitter
  • 14.
    A bit of Nightmare Before Christmas inspiration. Credit: tauna_darling via Instagram
  • 15.
    Sexy devil with a black heart. Credit: venomtoyaveins via Twitter

Let's be honest, Halloween is every makeup lover's favorite holiday. Not only do we get to assume our favorite personas for a day, but we can finally use up all the old makeup that's been collecting dust on our vanities. And, of course, Halloween gives us another reason to buy even more makeup. Not that we need another reason to buy makeup.

Above all, Halloween sheds light on how talented our fellow makeup artists and enthusiasts are. A well thought-out halloween makeup look takes plenty of time and effort, so why not showcase your skills? 

Since October is already here, see photos above for the Halloween inspiration you've been looking for. To share reviews of the best products you've found for creating halloween looks, click here. And, if you end up trying some of these super fun (or scary) looks, let us know in the comments! 


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